Encryption and Tunneling Techniques

Authentication can be performed in several different ways, including the following: ■ Something you know—Passwords ■ Something you have—Tokens, smart cards, […]

Nmap NSE scripts with examples

Information Gathering   1. DNS Brute Force Find sub-domains with this script. Detecting sub-domains associated with an organizations domain can reveal […]

Snort – Basic

Components of Snort A Snort-based IDS consists of the following major components: • Packet Decoder • Preprocessors • Detection Engine […]

Snort – Installation

Installation   As of I write this page, the latest version is, so I will use this version as […]

Snort dnet header error

    ERROR! dnet header not found, go get it from http://code.google.com/p/libdnet/ or use the –with-dnet-* options, if you have […]

Enumerating Systems

Enumeration can best be defined as the process of counting.The purpose of this type of effort is to map the network […]

Detecting Live systems and analysing results

Tools: Nmap SuperScan, THC-Amap Nmap is explained in another article, please check here: https://frankfu.click/security/nmap.html SuperScan is pretty straight forward. THC-Amap is […]