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Today in my lab, I found a issue on the DFS replication on windows 2012. The data is not correctly replicated to one namespace server.

First of all the settings:

the setting of the Namespace

The namespace servers DC1 and FILESERVER1 have DFSS namespaces and DFS replication role installed.

The two shared folder called data and the local path on each server are:





Then I created the Namespace:


Replication group setting:

DFS configuration summary

Namespace setting:

DFS configuration_namespace

Then I created a text file “fromWDS.txt” on a client machine called WDS.



Then I open the UNC path of the two shared folder:

the text file is in both folder.

On fileserver1:


On dc1

DFS_test_fromDC1UNCWell looks perfect. Then I browse into the local folder on both servers, and found a problem:

On fileserver1, in the c:\share\data , text file fromWDS.txt is not there!



While on the server DC1, the file is there.DFS_test_fromDC1Local