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Remove the title for front page:

Generally the static front page title will be displayed by default, and this makes the front page looks like not brief and ugly.

First, go to the Admin and check the page ID(mine is 33). Then Add the code in the style.css under the theme name folder: #post-33 .entry-title{display:none} (replace the 33 with your number). Note that although WordPress treat Post and Page differently in the management, but in styling and database storage, it use keyword “post” for all.

Remove the Slider and site map;

On mobile device, the slider does not looks that stunning because of the size, so we would better to disable it. Fist browse the home page and right click the slider “inspect the element”, find the ID or class of the slider(mine is .featured-slider) . Go to style.css file, add the following code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 740px){.featured-slider, .featured-slider .slider-cycle{display:none;}}

If your site map shows several levels of hierarchy, it looks redundant on mobile device due to the fact that it will be squeezed to the bottom of the content. Use same method as slider to hide it.