Ansible with Networking

With Ansible we can better and faster manage network infrastructure such as Cisco IOS and ASA. If you want to […]

Control windows Servers

  Install these packages on your management Linux system “apt-get -y install python-dev libkrb5-dev python-pip”. “pip install “pywinrm>=0.2.0””. “pip install […]

Chapter 4. Variables and Facts

Deploy variables in Playbook Ansible also allows you to put variables into one or more files, using a section called […]

Chapter3 Inventory

The inventory file The collection of hosts that Ansible knows about is called the inventory. The simplest inventory file just […]

Chapter 1 Introduction

Modules apt Installs or removes packages using the apt package manager. copy Copies a file from local machine to the […]

setup ansible ubuntu

Step 1: Installing Ansible You can install Ansible with: apt-get install ansible You need to put all the servers that […]