LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. As the name suggests, it is a lightweight protocol for accessing directory […]

Manually Sync the AD to Azure

Logon the Exchange server, Run the following command: Import-Module ADSync Run the Sync Command Run the following Command(s): For a […]

Find Logon Session

a user last logon Time GUI: To look at the Last-Logon attribute on a single DC, you can use the […]

Deploy Windows system with SCCM

Prerequisite Before this deployment, we should have the OS image(.WIM) ready to deploy. Before this, we should import an image […]

deploy exe file

Open SCCM console. Select Software library > Overview > Application Management >right click Applications, Select Create Application.

SCCM setup

Infrastructure requirement In this lab, we are going to setup two server for the SCCM infrastructure. Server1: Domain Controller with […]

FTP server with domain user

Issue 1 530 User <username> cannot log in. Login failed. This problem occurs when one of the following scenarios is […]