configure exclusive Command

If you enter configuration mode with the configure exclusive command, you lock the candidate global configuration (also known as the […]


Password restrictions: At least 6 characters can use alphabetic, numeric,and special characters, except control characters. Must contain at least one […]

User interface

Ways to connect the interfaces: CLI: 1. Out-of-band(OoB) Serial console connection. 2. Over in band network using Access protocols. eg. […]


Blog Home Setup NDES Server on MS CA accountRelated Cisco CCNP chapter 1 Dynamic Multi-point VPN (DMVPN CCNP) Automate Jobs […]

Junos OS fundamental

Single Source Code Base All platforms running the JunosĀ  OS use the same software source code base within their platform-specific […]

JunOS, Limiting output

The most common ways to use the pipe (|) symbol is to constrain the output using match, except, find, or […]