Hunt group configuration on SIP phone & SCCP phone
  • Ephone-hunt allow you to define a groups a phones and the number to dial to that group. You will used when your cisco phone use SCCP firmware.
  • Voice hunt -group  will do the same like ephone-hunt but for phones with SIP firmware.

The following example defines a sequential ephone hunt group with the pilot number 5600 and the final number 6000, with three numbers in the list of phones that answer for the pilot number:

ephone-hunt 2 sequential
pilot 5600
list 5621, *, 5623
final 6000
max-timeout 10
timeout 20, 20, 20

In the following parallel hunt-group example, when callers dial extension 1000, extension 1001, 1002, 1003, and 1004 ring simultaneously. The first extension to answer is connected. If none of the extensions answers within 60 seconds, the call is forwarded to extension 2000, which is the number for voice mail.


voice hunt-group 4 parallel
final 2000
list 1001,1002,1003,1004
timeout 60
pilot 1000
preference 1 secondary 9
! !
ephone-dn 1 octo-line
number 1001
ephone-dn 2
number 1002
ephone-dn 3 dual-line
number 1003
ephone-dn 4
number 1004
! !
ephone 1
max-calls-per-button 4
mac-address 02EA.EAEA.0001
button 1:1
! !
ephone 2
mac-address 001C.821C.ED23
button 1:2
! !
ephone 3
mac-address 002D.264E.54FA

button 1:3
! !
ephone 4
mac-address 0030.94C3.053E
button 1:4


Allowing dynamic membership in a hunt group is a three-step process:

1. Use the list command in ephone-hunt configuration mode to specify up to 20 wildcard slots in the hunt group.

2. Use the ephone-hunt login command under each directory number that should be allowed to dynamically join and leave hunt groups. Directory numbers are disallowed from joining ephone hunt groups by default, so you have to explicitly allow this behavior for each directory number that you want to be able to log in to ephone hunt groups.

3. Use the fac standard command to enable standard FACs or the fac custom command to define custom FACs. FACs must be enabled so that agents can use them to join and leave ephone hunt groups.

To dynamically join an ephone hunt group, a phone user dials a standard or custom FAC for joining an ephone hunt group. The standard FAC to join an ephone hunt group is *3.

If multiple ephone hunt groups have been created that allow dynamic membership, the phone user must also dial the ephone hunt group pilot number. For example, if the following ephone hunt groups are defined, a phone user dials *38000 to join the Sales hunt group:

Login/logout from softkeys:

If you want to use softkeys login/logout remove the dynamic config and configure ephone template with HLOG key and assign to the ephone as per below

ephone-template  1
softkeys idle  Newcall Redial Cfwdall Gpickup Pickup HLog

ephone  5
ephone-template 1