Connect to Service module on the UC560



In order to troubleshoot MWI issues with SCCP Phones registered to a CUCME Router with MWI outcall method, use these debugs:

debug ccsip messages
debug voice ccapi inout
debug ephone mwi mac <mac address>


Verify the user message status:

Log on the service module:


service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session


show users


cue-3660-41a>show user detail username user3
Full Name:          user
First Name:         
Last Name:          user
Nickname:           user
Phone:              11044
Language:           en_US


cue-3660-41a>show voicemail detail mailbox user3
Owner:                                  /sw/local/users/user3
Type:                                   Personal
Busy state:                             idle
Enabled:                                true
Mailbox Size (seconds):                 3000
Message Size (seconds):                 60
Play Tutorial:                          true
Space Used (seconds):                   0
Total Message Count:                    0
New Message Count:                      0
Saved Message Count:                    0
Expiration (days):                      30
Greeting:                               standard
Zero Out Number:                        
Created/Last Accessed:                  Jun 17 2004 09:54:39 EDT

Verify that this user exists, has a number associated, and does not have any messages. If these items are true, the MWI status should be off.