Problem: User Cannot Log In Through the Cisco Unity Express Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The Cisco Unity Express user cannot log in through the Cisco Unity Express GUI and receives the Cisco Unity Express has lost contact with the Host router. Enter the new CCME Web Administrator username and password error message.

Complete these steps in order to resolve this problem:

  1. Check in order to see if the Cisco CallManager Express configuration misses any of the configuration commands mentioned in this document.

  2. If the configuration is correct, the Cisco CallManager Express router might miss the default-gateway configuration. This might happen if the administrator reloads the router without saving the configuration. Check the Cisco CallManager Express configuration for IP connectivity to Cisco Cisco Unity Express.

  3. This errror message is also seen when the administrator decides to change the Cisco CallManager Express web administrator username and password, and the new name and password is not updated in the Cisco Unity Express system. Use the procedure mentioned in Unity Express GUI Password Recovery in order to update the system with new Cisco CallManager Express username and password.

  4. Use the service-module service-engine slot/port reload command in order to reload the Cisco Unity Express module.

    Note: A reboot of the Cisco Unity Express module does not require a reboot of the router. The Cisco Unity Express module and the router can be rebooted independently of each other. However, if you reboot the router, no calls reach the module until IP connectivity is reestablished between the router and the module. Always perform a shutdown of the module before you power-cycle the router in order to avoid data loss or file corruption.

Refer to Troubleshooting Cisco Unity Express System Features for more information on how to troubleshoot CallManager Express/Cisco Unity Express configuration issues.

Problem: IP Phone Cannot Hear Ringback or Busy Tone while Called IP Phone is Ringing or Busy

This is the network topology:

There are two Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) Phones, IP Phone 1 and IP Phone 2, that are registered with Cisco CallManager Express. IP Phone 2 is configured to have call-forward busy and call-forward noan forwarded to the Cisco Unity Express voice mail.

Consider a situation where the Cisco Unity Express is down or registering, and the call is made from IP Phone 1 to IP Phone 2. IP Phone 1 does not get a ringback/ busy tone when IP Phone 2 rings or is busy upon attempted transfer to voice mail. When the Cisco Unity Express is up, everything works as expected. The reason for this issue is that the default retry for SIP INVITE to Cisco Unity Express is too long.

In order to resolve this issue, configure SIP retry invite to a lower value other than the default value of six. You can configure the SIP retry invite timer under the SIP-UA configuration as this example output shows:

configure terminal
 retry invite 2

!--- For example, SIP retry invite two.

Problem: Calls from PSTN Fail to CUE AA via SIP Tunnel

Inbound PSTN calls (SIP) to CUE Auto Attendant (AA) Pilot number do not work via SIP Tunnel. Internal calls from the IP phone (SCCP) to CUE AA work fine.

CUE AA uses SIP protocol to communicate with CallManager Express. In this case, the call that originates from PSTN is also an SIP call. In order to fix this issue, you need to issue these commands:

CME(config)#voice service voip
CME(conf-voi-serv)#allow-connections sip to sip

Note: This feature is only supported in Cisco CallManager Express 4.0 and later.

Problem: CUE Clock Not Synchronizing with CME Router Configured as a NTP Server

NTP on the CUE is unable to synchronize with the CallManager Express. The CallManager Express router is configured as a NTP server. The CUE clock is not displaying accurate time. However, CallManager Express displays the correct time.

Issue these commands in order to overcome this problem:

On the CallManager Express router:

ntp master

On the CUE:

ntp server x.x.x.x

CME with CUE:


CME with CUC SCCP and SIP trunk:


MWI configure and troubleshoot: