Install of MACOS Server, which can be downloaded from APPStore, registration of Volume Purchase Program account


Deploy App

We would need to first purchase the App from Volume Purchase Program.

Choose Either education or Business according to your situation, I will choose Education as an example:

Purchase/install APP


Go to Apple School manager, on the left column , under Content, click “Apps and Books”.

Search the App name and choose options, such as Assign to, Quantity under “Buy Licenses”:

Then click Get.


Provisioning MDM server tokens

On the website Apple School Manager, click “Settings” in the left bottom corner, then click “Apps And Books” in the middle pane, scroll down to the bottom in the right pane.

Under My Server Tokens, click Download after the location of your school. Save it to a place and note it down, you will upload it to the Server later.

Login the MACOS server, go to Profile manager, under “Deployment Programs” , click “Configure…” after “Apple School Manager”, logon with your Apple ID which is for the Volume Purchase Program.

Upload the VPP server tokens:

Under Profile manager, under “Deployment Programs” , click “Configure…” after “Volume Purchase for Apps and Books”, click Replace Token…


Select the file you download in previous step. click continue, Click Done.

Open a browser, type the server IP or FQDN as the URL. Select Profile manager.

Go the Apps under LIBRARY, all the APPs should show here ( It may take a few minutes to download the list).

If you find a new purchased APP is not listed here, the fastest way is download the token from website and replace it in the MACOS Server App, then refresh the Profile manager.

Deploy APPs to Device

It is always recommended to Deploy APP to Device groups instead of Devices for easy management. So first, you should have a bunch of MACOS, IOS devices enrolled and been put under different groups.

Go to device groups, select a group you created. Click Apps tab, click + at the bottom, select APP