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1. Preparations

Download the latest MSI from:
(Apply to distribute Flash Player – Fill fields – Accept and Submit)
You will find download link in the email.

Download InstEd (MSI Editor)

or google “Adobe customization wizard”

2. Customize MSI

Open the MSI file in InstEd editor
Open Table “Property”
Change RebootYesNo from Yes to No
Save and Close

3. GPO Deployment

Copy MSI to “\\%UserDomain%\NETLOGON\Flash11”
Open Group Policy Management console

Create new GPO “Deploy_Flash11.X”
Expand “Computer Configuration – Policies – Software Settings”
Right click “Software Installations” and select ‘New – Package’
Browse to “\\%UserDomain%\NETLOGON\Flash11” and select the new MSI
Select deployment method: Assigned – Click OK

4. Testing and Assigning

Assign GPO “Deploy_Flash11.X” to Test OU
Run “gpupdate /force” – restart on prompt

If install went OK, assign the GPO to Production OUs.