The first step is to create a new Task Sequence, which will control the image capturing process.

Create a share on MDT with share name:

  • MDT machine name MDT01
  • Service user named mdt_ba
  • Deployment share: MDTbuild$, and give it write permission to shared folder MDTbuild$ .
  • Run Deployment Workbench console and expand branch Deployment Shares -> MDT Deployment Share
  • Right click on Task Sequence and select New Task Sequence in the appeared menu
    reference image new task sequence
  • This starts the Task Sequence Wizard. Enter Task Sequence ID (w10Capt) and Task Sequence Name (Capture Windows 10 Image).
  • From list of predefined task sequence templates select Sysprep and Capture and click Next
  • Choose operating system that matches the version of OS installed on captured PC. In this case it is Windows 10 Pro x64 install.wim (the operating system must be pre-imported into MDT 2013)
  • Choose Don’t specify a product key at this time and press Next
  • Fill the fields Full Name and Organization and click Next
  • Select Don’t specify an Administrator password at this time
  • On Summary page click Next -> Next -> Finish

Important! Before continuing, check that MDT server configuration allows to capture OS image. To do this, open MDT Deployment Share properties and switch to the Rules tab. SkipCapture option must be set to NO.



Edit Bootstrap.ini:

Here you specify the user created for this task:




Update deployment share to regenerate boot media for WinPE environment!

Capture Windows 10 Reference Image with MDT


Now you are ready to capture already installed Windows 10 image on a client computer. Power on PC and boot Windows 10 as usual. Verify that necessary applications, updates and language packs are installed on Windows, Time Zone is configured and check other Windows settings.

  • Open File Explorer and specify the network path to the DeploymentShare on MDT server. In our case, the path looks like this: \\mdt01\MDTbuild\Scripts. You may need to enter credentials to access network share on the server,  find and double click on file LiteTouch.vbs
  • Wait until Windows deployment Wizard starts
    • From task sequence list select Capture Windows 10 Image (we created it earlier)
    • Enter current local Administrator password, which will be used to log in to the system after the reboot
      If you specified in the Rules tab, this step will not show.
  • Select Capture an image of this reference computer and verify the UNC path to the folder on MDT server, which will be used to store Windows 10 WIM image file (in our case \\mdt01\MDTbuild\Captures. You should have read/write NTFS permissions on this folder. After that specify desired name for .wim file
  • On the next screen you need to enter the domain credentials to access shared folder on the MDT server over the network;
  • Wait for some time to start Task Sequence;
  • After completing the preparations, Applying Windows PE,  Execute Sysprep. Then the computer will reboot into WiNPE environment and begin to capture system image (during the process of image creating, the system will switch in the OOBE (Out-Of-Box Experience) sysprep mode, and the Windows 10 image is captured using the DISM utility.


Now you can relax and wait for the capture to be finish, the time depends on the size of the volume, your network speed and the type of disk on the target , reference machine, it may take a while.