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Other tools are available,

Metageek Inssider,  RF analyzer, Riverbed AirPcap, wifi Scanner(MAC), iStumbler

To monitor all traffic in the air, you need to switch the Wireless NIC into monitor mode:

Preferences > Protocol > IEEE802.11 > Decryption Key: Edit


Analyze the wireless beacon:

Layer 1 information:

Radiotap Header > SSI signal,SSI Noise The actual SSI signal is SSI signal – SSI noise.

 If you want to add a column named SSI: right click the ssi signal in the packet info > Apply as Column


IEEE 802.11 Beacon frame

BSSID = Source address

Beacon interval: if you have VOIP wireless device, it’s better to configure the interval to lower than 100ms, like 50ms.

Filter the frames by signal strength:

radiotap.dbm_antsignal < -65

  • Layer 2 info – 802.11
  • wlan addr = MAC


Two phases of voice calls
Call setup
  • SIP, open standard, contains SDP
  • SCCP
Voice stream transfer
  • RTP generally ports 8000-9000
  • RTCP
Where to place your tap
  • Closest to the phone as possible
Statistics to detect packet loss
  • Telephony/RTP/Show All Streams
Jitter = variance
  • Anything above 20ms is noticable