Show the version of the plugin can be dangerous if any vulnerability has been found.

Now I will show how to hide the revolution slider version For version

There are two parts will show the version in the output html: Powered by, and the Start Revolution slider:

Powered by part

This can be done by adding below code in the theme functions.php (wp-content/themes/theme_name/functions.php)

function remove_revslider_meta_tag() {

return '';


add_filter( 'revslider_meta_generator', 'remove_revslider_meta_tag' );
Start Revolution Slider Tag

Find the file below in your wordpress folder:


Then find below block:

echo '<!-- START REVOLUTION SLIDER '. $revSliderVersion .' '. $sliderType .' mode -->'."\n";

echo ' <div id="'. $this->sliderHtmlID .'"';
echo ' class="'. $sliderClass . $do_overflow .'"';
echo ' style="'. $bannerStyle .'"';
echo ' data-version="'.$revSliderVersion.'">'."\n";

delete the ‘. $revSliderVersion .’ in the first echo, and echo in the last line.

Now the output will be below without the version:

<!– START SliderReV fullscreen mode –>
<div id=”rev_slider_7_1class=”rev_slider fullscreenbannerstyle=”display:none;data-version=” “>