Setdefault printer for a program

To set the default printer “Canon TS3100 series” before run theĀ  firefox:   @echo off wmic printer where name=”Canon TS3100 […]

Popular Powershell scripts

Mirror OU structure to the Folder structure Some times, you create same OU structure as the folder structure, you can […]

powershell backup hyperV

Module code:   Add below file to powershell as a module, then use below script to backup the VMs to […]

Schedule powershell scripts

1. Get your script ready Surprising as it might sound, your script might actually not be ready to run in […]

Work with mail

send email from powershell   $EmailTo = “receiver_email” $EmailFrom = “sender_email” $Subject = “Test” $Body = “Test Body” $SMTPServer = […]

Chapter 4 Script fundamental

Construction of the PowerShell ‘If’ Statement As with so many PowerShell constructions, the type of bracket signifies how to break […]