Download the 3600 3700 images and install the NM-16ESW module, which contains 16 switch ports.

Step 1

Before making vlans, we need a make sure you have a flash disk created for the switch to store the “vlan.dat” file , or else, you will get an error message like:

% not enough space on flash to store vlan database. trying squeeze…

% error squezzing flash – (No device available)

Error on database apply 40: NV storage failure

Use ‘abort’ command to exit

You can create a flash disk in the way: go to ” Edit > Preferences > Dynamips > IOS routers > select the image you used for switch > edit> Memories and disks > Disks: PCMCIA disk0 size: “, give it a space like 128MB or 256MB.

Step 2 Configuration for Switch:

SW#vlan database

SW(vlan)#vlan 10 name office1

SW(vlan)#vlan 20 name office2


SW(config-if)#interface vlan 10

SW(config-if)#ip address

SW(config-if)#no shu

SW(config-if)#interface vlan 20

SW(config-if)#ip address


SW(config)#ip routing

SW(config-if)#interface f0/0

SW(config-if)#no shutdown

SW(config-if)# switchport mode access

SW(config-if)# switchport access vlan 10

SW(config-if)#interface f0/1

SW(config-if)#no shutdown

SW(config-if)#switchport mode access

SW(config-if)# switchport access vlan 20

Verify Vlan

 show vlan-switch

equals show vlan in a switch

Can not build connection between the switchport and a pc

The default duplex mode of the switchport is duplex auto, if you connect it to a PC, the link is up but protocol will be down.

Use interface mode command :

int range f 1/0 - 15    //note the space between 0 and hyphen.

Speed 100


duplex full command to fix it.