You can use built-in mobile device management for Office 365 to do a selective wipe to remove only organizational information, or a full wipe to delete all information from a mobile device and restore it to its factory settings.

What to know before you begin


Full wipe: Deletes all data on a user’s mobile device, including installed applications, photos, and personal information. When the wipe is complete, the device is restored to its factory settings.

Selective wipe: Removes only organization data and leaves installed applications, photos, and personal information on a user’s mobile device.

When a device is wiped (full wipe or selective wipe), the device is removed from the list of managed devices.

You can set up a mobile device management policy that automatically wipes (full wipe) a device after the user unsuccessfully tries to enter the device’s password a specific number of times. Follow the steps in Create and deploy device security policies.


Wipe a mobile device


Go to the Click here to go to the Office 365 admin center. .

Go to Security & Compliance Center> Data loss prevention > Device management.

Select the device you want to wipe.

Select the type of remote wipe you want to do.

To do a selective wipe and delete only Office 365 organization information, in the right pane, select Selective wipe.

To do a full wipe and restore the device to its factory settings, in the right pane, select Full wipe.

Device details with full and selective wipe options
Select Yes to confirm.

Until the wipe finishes, the Device status will show as RetirePending or RetireIssued.

Verify it works: You’ll no longer see the mobile device in the list of managed devices.




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