Switch between GUI and server core or minimal interface:

GUI to Server Core: uninstall-windowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell, Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra

add the -remove  option to delete the files in c:\windows\winSxS

GUI to minimal interface: uninstall-windowsFeature Server-Gui-Shell

Switch between different Edition

To see what editions you can upgrade to , use

dism /online /get-targeteditions

To change the edition from the standard to datacenter:

dism /online /set-edition:ServerDatacenter /productkey:xxxxxx /accepteula

Install role or feature from the feature file store:

install-windowsFeature Featurename -source \\server\share

Uninstall IIS (Webserver) role

PS C:\> Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name Web-Server -ComputerName Server1 -Credential contoso\user1