This applies to Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and related Server version.

Based on time

In the windows, some times you want to clean up some old files to get more disk space, so you want to search by date:

  • Created early than 2017 6th July: datecreated:‎<6/‎07/‎2017
  • Created between 1/07/2017 and 6/‎07/‎2017: datecreated:‎1/07/2017..6/‎07/‎2017
  • similarly you can also use other properties, such datemodified, dateaccessed

By default windows provides us with a couple of options, such as Empty, Tiny, small.

If you want to use fine grained option: use following option:

  • Equal: size:=1MB
  • Greater than: >
  • Smaller than: <
  • range: ..     e.g. size:1KB..10KB


file type

you can simply use *.extention format.


Put multiple conditions together: you can use space to separate them.