In windows 2008, the print job can be rendered in the following formats:

  • Enhanced MetaFile ( EMF): Application data is converted into EMF file, then sent to print server and stored in spooler, then the spooler render the job file into the final format PCL.
    This process is know as Graphics device interface(GDI) based printing.
  • XML paper specification(XPS): new to windows 2008 and vista. Platform-independent format, does not require the job file to be converted at different steps of process like EMF.
Line Printer Daemon Service

Allows access to shared printers from UNIX-based client computers.

Line Printer Remote(LPR) port monitor: windows clients need to print to a UNIX print server.


Work Folders

Remote file-sharing feature, new in win2012.

Work folders uses HTTPS instead of SMB protocol, it does not need additional network configuration.


  • Not collaboration service, users can not share their work folders with others. So no public work folder or Work Folder that can be accessed by a group of user.

Path: userprofile_path\work Folder