Features on Demand

The server roles and features needed are copied to C:\windows\WinSxS after installation.

Features on demand:  enables you to remove these files and free up the disk space.

  • better system performance
  • faster windows update

Keep in mind that you can not remove the files from a feature you want to remain installed, it removes features you aren’t currently using.

If you want to display features that are installed:

get-windowsFeature | where installstate -eq installed

Display features that no longer have installation files in C:\windows\WinSxS : replace installed with removed.

Display features that are in the C:\windows\WinSxS, but not currently installed: available

Feature file store:  is a network share containing the files required to install roles, features. Simply create a network share and give read permissions to everyone group, then copy the sources\SxS folder from installation Medium to the shared folder.


Upgrade your windows edition

If the installation DVD is in the D drive:

dism.exe /get-wiminfo /wimfile:d:\sources\install.wim


Index : 1

Name : Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARDCORE

Description : Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARDCORE

Size : 7,195,580,708 bytes


Index : 2

Name : Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARD

Description : Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARD

Size : 11,999,848,937 bytes


Index : 3

Name : Windows Server 2012 SERVERDATACENTERCORE

Description : Windows Server 2012 SERVERDATACENTERCORE

Size : 7,176,243,455 bytes


Index : 4

Name : Windows Server 2012 SERVERDATACENTER

Description : Windows Server 2012 SERVERDATACENTER

Size : 11,995,224,677 bytes


These correspond to:

  1.        Standard Core (with optional GUI features removed)
  2.        Standard (all features except .NET 3.5. present)
  3.        Datacenter Core (optional GUI features removed)
  4.        Datacenter (all features except .NET 3.5. present)



how to add local source media to add role and features.