When you want to duplicate a virtual machine without reinstall a new one, which is time consuming. You can simply copy the virtual hard disk and change its UUID, then you can create a new vm using this virtual hard disk. This is the fastest way.

The syntax is :

First of all, enter cmd, then cd to the virtualbox folder:

VBoxManage internalcommands setvdiuuid vdfile_path new_UUID


D:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage.exe internalcommands sethduuid “E:
\virtual machine\win2k8\Win2k8R2\2K8R22.vdi” 618dc950-d9d6-484b-9111-d1fddc4ace8
UUID changed to: 618dc950-d9d6-484b-9111-d1fddc4ace88

In linux the command is :

vboxmanage internalcommands sethduuid “path” new_uuid

frank@frank-HP:~$ vboxmanage internalcommands sethduuid “/media/frank/1FF76802987AFE38/virtual machine/win2k8/Win2k8R2/2K8R2_syspreped.vdi” 618dc950-d9d6-484b-9111-d1fddc4ace90