Terms and Devices
  • Card Bus is a 32-bit bus in the PC Card form factor. Card Bus also includes a bus mastering feature, which allows a controller on the bus to talk to other devices or memory without going through the CPU.
  • Today PC Card and Card Bus devices are being replaced by ExpressCard.

CF,SDIO devices were primarily designed for use in PDA devices.

  • PCI-e has a high-speed point-to-point serial bus replacement of the older shared parallel PCI bus architecture.
  • Windows XP first introduced the Wireless Zero Configuration(WZC) service. WZC is a wireless connection management utility that operates as  a Windows service and interacts with the client hardware NIC drivers.
    WZC automatically determines which wireless network to connect to based on default settings and preferences set by the user.
    This tool had security weaknesses and limited functionality.
  • In Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Windows7, it was replaced with WLAN AutoConfig.