If you want to style your search result page in wordpress website,

e.g, your search result title font is too big.think about the following section

  • .Search-results is the class to modify the outlook of the search page,
  • #main is the result section,
  • h1 is the title of the page in the result section.

.search-results #main h1 {
font-weight: bold !important;
font-size: 18px !important;
padding: 2px !important;
border-bottom: thin dotted #05A9C5 !important;

.search-results #main section {
margin: 10px;
padding: 5px;
border: thin solid #05A9C5 !important;



Increase the search result limite


By default, the search result is 10. To increase this, you can use plugin or modify the function.php.

1.  use plugin:

Custom Post Limits, note that this plugin has been updated for many year.~

2. http://www.relevanssi.com/knowledge-base/posts-per-page/

add_filter('post_limits', 'postsperpage');
function postsperpage($limits) {
	if (is_search()) {
		global $wp_query;
		$wp_query->query_vars['posts_per_page'] = 10;
	return $limits;