Cisco PBX UC500 config

New Extension number creation   voice register dn   To enter voice register dn configuration mode to define an extension […]

Cisco Voice

  On Cisco devices, SIP-ALG is referred to as SIP Fixup and is enabled by default on both routers and Pix devices. Because […]

IP virtual-reassembly

While configuring NAT, I will sometimes see “ip virtual-reassembly” added to the NAT interfaces’ configurations: ip nat inside source list […]

Where do resets come from?

Windows SMB Reset(good part)   Starting with Windows 2000, the operating system will prefer to use port 445 for SMB […]

Route-maps (Cisco) One of the main purposes of a route-map in a Cisco router is customize traffic management beyond the boundaries […]

chapter 11 Managing a secure Network

Security testing Network security testing is performed on a network to ensure all security implementations are operating as expected. Typically, […]

IPv6 Internet Connectivity

Methods of Assigning an IPv6 Address to a Customer Router A router residing at a customer’s location (often referred to […]